October 2021

Hello Pastors and Friends,

Praise the Lord for Saved Souls

Last month, I had the opportunity to speak and lead music at a youth retreat for middle school students at Camp CHOF outside of Canton, Ohio. This retreat was for a Christian school, but it was very apparent that many of the students didn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus. I am rejoicing that during the week 6 students re- sponded to the Gospel, and particularly for the young man named Ben that I was able to lead to Christ. It’s exciting to be involved in preaching the Gospel, and leading people to Christ, during this season of deputation. While my heart and focus is on getting to Ireland, I don’t want to miss the opportunities for Christ that I have now.

Halfway There

God has been so faithful in providing partners for my ministry. I am a little over 4 months into deputation, and I am now at 52% of the monthly financial support that I need to get to the mission field. My original goal was to be in Ireland by St. Patrick’s Day 2023 (which would have been 1 year and 9 months of deputation) and it’s humbling to see God provide in ways I never expected and to, potentially, be on the field much sooner than ex- pected. It’s been a blessing to see people catch the burden for Ireland as they hear about the need and the opportunity to reach people for Christ. God is faithful, and I know I’ll be in Ireland in His timing.


In His Service,

Brian Berry