Hello Pastors and Partners,

It’s been a busy and exciting month with much to rejoice in and celebrate!

Last week I went to a training workshop for missionaries where they taught us how to communicate our ministry, and
our burden for our field, with more clarity. I was incredibly blessed to learn some more tools that God will use to help
me better communicate with churches, and individuals, about the need and opportunity to reach Ireland for Jesus.
During the workshop I met missionary Brian Brown. who has been serving for many years in Monterrey, Mexico. He
invited me to preach, and share my ministry to Ireland, to his church in Mexico over Zoom to kick off their Missions
Conference! After the online service one of the members of the church sent me the picture on the right. His son drew
a picture of the Irish flag with my name and a shamrock on it! It was such a blessing to get to share with these believ-
ers in Mexico what God has called me to do, and to challenge them to be involved in missions.

Thank you so much to all of the people around the country, and world, who faithfully pray for me and support me
each month. We are a team in this mission to reach Ireland for Jesus, and I could not do what I am doing without you.
It is a blessing and comfort to know that while I am traveling there are hundreds of people who are praying for my
safety and ministry. I am excited to see God continue to bless as we partner to reach Ireland for Christ.


In His Service,

Brian Berry