Hello Pastors and Friends,

Wonderful Visit to Ireland

I recently got back from my short trip to Ireland to check-in with the two churches I’ll be serving in. God blessed with such an incredible trip. I had the opportunity to teach the children’s ministry, and it was such a blessing to get to give them candy and gifts from America and to teach them God’s Word. Many of these children do not know the Lord, and as I was spending time with them it was exciting to think that one of these kids may be the first person God uses me to lead to Christ when I get to Ireland. Please pray for the kids of Boyne Valley Baptist Church.

I was also able to have a great conversation with the Irish pastor I will be partnering with about the sponsorship process for my visa, and I will soon begin the paperwork to obtain a Minister of Religion visa. They are eager to help me in any way possible so I can get into the country to begin my ministry. Please be in prayer for the visa process as the laws in Ireland concerning visas for missionaries are a little tough to navigate and there are some hoops to jump through, but I know God will provide just as He has every step along the way so far.

As we met with people in Ireland I was encouraged to see that people my prayer card up on the wall in their homes. I’m thankful for those in the States who pray for me as I go to Ireland, but it’s a blessing to know that there are people in Ireland praying for me to come! I am so excited to get to Ireland and to get to work!

The next few months will be incredibly busy as I have a full schedule of presenting my ministry in churches and I also will be preaching at 4 youth camps and going to another camp as a counselor. I am grateful to be busy and for opportunities to minister and serve. Please pray that God would use me greatly, and that souls would come to know Jesus as Savior.