Hello Pastors and Friends,

75% Support!

It has been a fantastic couple of months with meetings in New Mexico, Florida, South Carolina, Indiana, Texas, Missouri, and North Carolina. With those meetings came new friends and ministry partners. I am so excited to share that I have just gone above 75% of the financial support that I need to move and begin my ministry in Ireland! God has been so good, and I am thankful for all of the people and churches who He is using to be a part of my ministry. It truly is humbling that so many people would give so I can go.

Please pray that I am able to raise the final 25% of my support by the end of the year, and that the process of getting my visa goes smoothly. Lord willing, I will be leaving for the mission field at the beginning of the year. It wouldn’t be possible without you!

A Huge Encouragement

A friend from a supporting church in South Carolina shared this picture with me recently and I was so encouraged by it that I wanted to share it with you. The girl in this picture is named Olivia, and I was at her church right before St. Patrick’s Day, and she had to bring something to school for Show & Tell and she brought my prayer card! Her mom told me that my missions presentation made a big impact on her, especially about her being a missionary. It’s so excited to see kids get a heart for missions, and I’m thankful for people young and old who are praying for me as I go to Ireland! I remember the huge impact missionaries made on my life when I was little and it’s a blessing to get to speak about missions to boys and girls like Olivia all over the country.

April will be another busy month of travel and meetings, and I have the opportunity to take a short trip back over to Ireland in May to check in with the churches and pastor I’ll be serving alongside. Please pray for a safe and edifying trip. I’m looking forward to the day I purchase my one way flight to Ireland.


In His Service,

Brian Berry